Friday 10/18/19

Strength Cycle: Open Cycle – Week 3

4 2-DB Thrusters – L: 25/15; Spl: 35/20; S: 50/35
L: 6 Hanging Knee Raises; Spl/S: 6 T2B
L: 24 Single Unders; Spl: 12; S: 24 Double Unders
*This is a Double Under workout. Be smart when choosing your rep scheme as you could easily end up completing 300+ Double Unders. We don’t want anyone blowing out an Achilles. Pace, pace, pace.

5 Back Squat @ 70%, 75%, 80%
*The prescribed percentages won’t go up each week, because we’re tackling these post-workout. But feel free to add weight if you feel good.

Daily Reading
1. Finding What You’re Meant to Do
2. Ankle Mobility For Squats & Olympic Weightlifting

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