Friday 11/22/19

Strength Cycle: Phase 1 – Week 1 of 7

3 x 3sec Pause Front Squat
*Build as you go, but back off on the last set so you end with perfect reps. The first and last sets should be easy and flawless.

6 Rounds
10/7 Cal Ski/Row/Bike OR 10 Burpees
10 Snatch – L: 75/55; Spl: 95/65; S: 115/75
5 Pullups (Spl/S: C2B)
Rest 30sec
*We’d love to see you try to sprint each round, knowing the pace will fall off. Your rounds shouldn’t exceed 90sec.

Daily Reading
1. The Carb Cycling Guide For Women
2. Journey vs. Destination

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