Friday 12/6/19

Strength Cycle: Phase 1 – Week 3 of 7

3 x 3sec Pause Front Squat
*Build as you go, but back off on the last set so you end with perfect reps. The first and last sets should be easy and flawless.

100/70 Cal Bike or 120/85 Cal Row/Ski
OTM, starting at 1:00, perform L: 7 HRPU; Spl: 4; S: 7 HSPU
*Cap = 14min. Your HRPU/HSPU should be 1 set every time, so choose the right number starting out. You have the full 1st minute to get as far as possible before the fun begins.

Daily Reading
1. You Are NOT Special
2. 10 Tips for Cooking Fish

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