Elements Classes
As part of your beginner process, these classes allow you to spend quality time learning the awkwardly named movements we use on a regular basis during the group classes.

Group CrossFit Classes
For those who like to get their WOD on with others. Our group classes are where to begin for everyone interested in becoming fit, healthy, and a sexy beast. Get instruction and motivation from our highly qualified and adorable coaching staff.

Unloaded Classes
Does the idea of a heavy barbell scare you a little? Or maybe you just want a slower introduction to strength training? Our Unloaded class works on the fundamentals of CrossFit with a bit of speed and a lot of sweat, but without the heavy barbell.

Competitor Classes
Do you participate in local/regional CrossFt competitions? Then this class has what you need.

Every quarter, we organize a new seminar to address some aspect of technique or fitness. We’ve hosted seminars covering powerlifting, nutrition, gymnastics, rowing, breathing, mobility, you name it. We share our upcoming seminars on our Facebook page.