How to Not Rip on Pullups

How to Not Rip on Pullups
Written by: Coach Slater

Hand rips are cool and all, but if avoiding them is cooler, then consider me Miles Davis.

You can avoid them, too, by first taking care of your calluses after your showers. Shave them down using a rough foot scrubber. (Skip the pumice stone. They’re not abrasive enough to do any good.) Then, when you’re next in the gym, stop using so much damn chalk! It makes your hands sticky, creating too much friction, which then creates rips and tears. Next, change the way you grip the pullup bar. Get it out of your palms. Doing so compresses the skin, and over time, builds severe calluses which are ripe for rips. Instead, get the bar into the base of your fingers. Is this harder at first? Yea, but we’re thinking long-term here.

If you’re having trouble adjusting to this style of grip, or dealing with current tears on your hands, then here are my thoughts on grip options:

JerkFit Wodies
The material of these is so slick, your grip strength is zapped quickly with these gloves, no matter how much you chalk them up or how much they’re broken in. But, a benefit of the grips is that they have a built-in wrist wrap for added support in overhead movements.

Bear Komplex
These are often described as “too smooth”, likely because they’re made from a suede leather which isn’t as textured as other brands. Like the Rogue grips, they have an unforgiving strap which can dig into the wrist, too.

Natural Grip
This is a great local company, but if you’re in a pinch and don’t have these handy, you can make your own using $4 store-bought tape.

HumanX Grips
These damn things look absolutely ridiculous. You might as well be wearing oven mitts. If you’re interested in doing pullups and baking casseroles at the same time, then these are for you.

Rogue Leather Gymnastic Grips
These are grippier than the Woddies, but they bunch up, which can result in rips in your palm. Also, because they bunch, it can be harder to hold the bar because of how much thicker these make the bar feel. However, if you take the time to break them in and get them sized right, these are generally regarded as the best option. Not exactly a glowing review, but there ya go.

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