How to Win Our Next Transformation Challenge

How to Win Our Next Transformation Challenge
Written by: Coach Slater

Let’s do a quick recap of what we saw in the Summer Transformation challenge and how we can kick even more ass later this year during our Winter Transformation challenge.

Our females saw the greatest improvements in body fat, losing around 3% from their starting numbers. However, their muscle gains were mostly flat during the two month challenge. The men were similarly flat in their muscle gains, adding just 1% overall; but, they had some dramatic body fat loss. They lost over 11% from their starting levels, an average of 2lbs of body fat. To understand how much that is, the picture below is just ONE pound of body fat.

The men lost TWO cans of tomatoes!

So, if the key to winning the Winter Transformation challenge is adding muscle and losing two cans of tomatoes in body fat, let’s determine how that happens. And, we’ll start by discussing macronutrients.

Because our programming tends to be “strength based”, you’ll need more protein than if you were a spin-cycle bunny or 5lb dumbbell aerobic class devotee. An easy place to start with protein, is 1g per pound of bodyweight. If you’re not there currently, then at least get yourself to 0.8g x bodyweight. If this number is a lot higher than what you’re eating currently, then I recommend slowly ramping up to that number by adding 15-20g of protein each week so your digestive system has time to adjust.

Your body type and current level of body fat make a difference in how much or how little fat you should consume daily. Being a member at Derby City, I assume you have an an athletic build or some athletic history, so you only require about 25% of fat in your diet. If you are a little heavier at the moment and looking for a bigger fat loss, I’d recommend bumping this up to 30% (or possibly even 35%) and decreasing the remaining carbs. On the other hand, if you’re relatively lean already, then I’d lower this number to 20% and have you eating a shitload of carbs.

To put easy math to those percentages, I specifically recommend 0.35g x bodyweight for the “25% person” in this scenario. 0.4g or 0.45g x bodyweight for someone who currently has a high body fat level. And, 0.3g x bodyweight for someone who’s already lean. If you’re trying to lean out, eating high protein and high fat is usually the recommended route; one simple reason is because protein & fat make you feel fuller, longer. So, you don’t feel the need to eat mindlessly throughout the day.

Now that we’ve decided your protein and fat, carbs are determined based on the calories you have remaining in your total daily energy expenditure. You can figure out your own numbers here, or let me give you a “loose” guideline: 2.0g x bodyweight on training days, and 1.0g x bodyweight on rest days. Aim to take in 50% of your total daily carbs during the window 90min prior, during, and 90min post-workout. We would fine-tune those generalities if you were asking for personalized nutrition coaching from us, but this is a reasonable ballpark to start from.

Other Tips
I highly recommend you pick a day to cook meals for the rest of the week, so you always have food and aren’t forced to make last-minute decisions when you’re hungry. Alternatively, buy pre-made meals from Bite Meals, a local meal-preparation service sourced from Creation Gardens, and use the discount code “DCCF” for 10% off. Meals are dropped off at Derby City every Thursday afternoon.

Don’t stress out over the exact macros. Instead, try to be close when you first start out. Stress is actually counterproductive to your physique goals, so don’t freak out if you miss a macro here or there.

With our high-intensity training program, you may find that you benefit from going a little higher carb and a little lower fat on training days. As a result, you may find that you’ll lean out further, to better show off those highly defined muscles, while coincidentally feeling like you have more energy in the gym. That’s a win-win.

Changing your lifestyle takes time. Everyone’s natural metabolism is different, so it may take a month or so of tweaking your numbers to find what’s optimal for you.

The point of this article is to help you make healthy nutrition a lifestyle and take away the stress of a restrictive diet. Your nutrition can be strict, but it shouldn’t be restrictive. Give your body the fuel it needs and it’ll respond accordingly.

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