How to Win the Summer Transformation Challenge

How to Win the Summer Transformation Challenge
Written by: Coach Slater

Our Summer Transformation challenge kicked off this week with body composition scanning; and, our point system begins next week, so you’ll earn points via your Food Log at MyFitnessPal and the 100 RKBS/day Challenge. Coach Alexa will have a sheet near the Coaches Office where you can write your name and log your Russian swings. And if you compete in a local comp, or simply watch a local comp, just let her know so she can award you those points. Also, make sure you find her on MyFitnessPal so she can see your food log there, too. Lastly, she’ll keep an eye on the #DerbyCityBuilt hashtag on FB/IG for anyone looking to earn points by posting workout videos outside of the gym.

But ok… point system aside, how can you win this challenge by gaining the most muscle or losing the most body fat? Or, screw the challenge, and how can you do those things, in general?!

I’m not going to tell you to behave/workout/eat any differently during this two month challenge that I’m not telling you to do throughout the rest of the year. I’m going do my best to boil down Consistency and Nutrition to emphasize their importance, so you’ll focus on those two areas. You can get really, really picky with the details of ideal programming for your specific strengths/weaknesses, nutrient timing, etc… but I know that the majority of Derby City athletes don’t need that level of detail. We just need to be more consistent at attending class and eating smarter.

First and foremost, you need to be a regular in the gym. There is zero reason for you to expect to make progress if you’re not in the gym AT LEAST 3x/week. If you’ve been here for less than 6 months, then work toward attaining that goal. You’re still building the habit of consistency and we’re trying our best to get you there. You may find us annoying in our persistent checking-in, but we’re doing it because we know that once you make 3x/week a consistent, non-negotiable for you, then you’re on the path to success.

If you’ve been here for over a year, you need to be here a minimum of 4x/week, and you’d better be active on at least 1 other day of the week. You’ve surpassed the “bare minimum” of 3x/week and now you need to find a new, non-negotiable… 4x/week is that new goal, every month, 12 months/year. And I’d recommend you attend on Saturdays, in particular. Saturdays are long, partner-style workouts because we intentionally want you working longer and slower on these days. While intensity is king in our style of training during weekday classes, there is definitely a place for long pieces, and Saturday (and Unloaded!) is the best day to tackle that piece of your fitness.

You have to eat better and stop eating like an asshole. You can’t eat “ok” during the week and then eat like a shithead on the weekends. If you want specific macro breakdowns, then talk to us about Nutrition Coaching, or refer back to our old posts, like “We Don’t Do 30-Day Challenges“, “How to Win Our Next Transformation Challenge“, or “Steps for Nutrition & Fitness Success“.

In the meantime, here are my quick (or not-so-quick) tips on how you can eat smarter:

Eliminate Nutrition Deficiencies
a) Eat more of the protein-rich foods you already like
b) Drink more hydrating fluids
c) Take in more essential fats (like via fish oil)
d) Eat more foods rich in vitamins and minerals

Eat Enough of the Right Stuff
Fellas, an easy place to start with your nutrition is the following:
2 palms of lean, protein-dense foods at each meal
2 fists of vegetables at each meal
2 cupped handfuls of carb-dense foods at most meals
2 thumbs of fat-dense foods at most meals (if not present in your protein selection)

Ladies, start with:
1 palm of lean, protein-dense foods at each meal
1 fist of vegetables at each meal
1 cupped handful of carb-dense foods at most meals
1 thumb of fat-dense foods at most meals (if not present in your protein selection)

On the days you’re not lifting weights, or days you’re just kinda going thru the motions in class, eat a baseline diet of mostly protein, vegetables, and healthy fats with minimal carbs. On the days you’re lifting weights and/or going hard in class, add more starchy carbs to your baseline diet and try to put the majority of them within 2-3 hours pre- and post-workout.

Or Don’t
If you don’t care about winning the transformation, cool! We still want to help you move well and feel good, and improving your attendance and nutrition are steps you should work toward. Whether you’re a newbie trying to get started in the right direction, or a veteran who’s spinning their wheels, these steps can make a huge difference.

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