I’m Having “Fun”

I’m Having “Fun”
Written by: Coach Slater

I’ll catch myself saying it in my head during particularly grueling workouts. “I’m having fun.” It reminds me that I’ve chosen to be here, to be healthy, to be fit.

Remembering that this is “fun” is especially hard when we get into the later weeks of our programming cycles. The percentages grow, the weights get heavier, the reps increase in number. It’s typical to feel a little more beat down as we near Retest Week, but don’t allow self-pity to sink in. Everyone is feeling beat up in some form or another. Some level of “overreaching” is necessary for growth. Remember how good you’ll feel in the first few weeks of the next cycle, when we back off on the percentages and begin climbing the mountain again. For now, grind and stay positive.

Tell yourself you’re having fun. Get yourself out of the negative funk. You’re doing this because you want to be better. So, enjoy the process. Don’t wait. It’s not about the end destination, it’s not about the reward. It’s about enjoying the grit and the grind. Because, when you get to that end destination or get that reward, you’re going to reminisce about the hardships along the way. Those moments that everyone else is hating, those are the best times. You’ll look back at those days and laugh among your friends, “That was a hard one!” because you’ll have that shared experience together. The worst workouts are the ones you’ll look at most fondly one day.

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