“International Rest Day”

Tomorrow is Thursday, which is the “International Rest Day” for most CrossFitters. If you’re taking today off, we encourage you to come in to the gym and roll out, spend some time static-stretching, or just hang with us.

We also want to suggest hitting the WODs on Thursdays in this cycle, as we’re intentionally building skill work opportunities into the sessions. In tomorrow’s workout, we’ll work on getting upside down to improve our handstand pushups or handstand walks. But, if neither of those movements interest you, the workout can still be tailored to be higher intensity so you keep working toward that summer body.

Here’s a sneak peek:
12 2-DB Bicep Curls (6l/6r) – heavy but don’t swing them!
12 L: Ring Rows; Spl: 6; S: 12 Strict Pullups
3 Nose-and-Toes Wall Walk; Spl: Nose-and-Toes HS 1-Foot Lift-Off or 6 HSPU Negatives; S: 50′ HS Walk or 12 SHSPU
Row/Bike/DU if time remaining in the 3min

The intensity can be dialed up or down, depending on your focus for the day. Grab a Coach in the middle of the WOD to get some help with your HSPU-timing, tripod-position, foot-position, etc… And at the same time, we’ll get in some good bodybuilding work to help those tanktop & swimwear muscles.

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