Let Us Help You Help Yourself

Let Us Help You Help Yourself
Written by: Coach Slater

We often see athletes stopping mid-WOD to grab a sip of water and rest. Sometimes, sure, this is appropriate. Are you sick, pregnant, injured, or the like? Then yes, you may need to pace yourself more than usual. But if not, then be honest with yourself about why you’re reaching for your water bottle again or chalking up for the fourth time in 15 pullups. It probably isn’t thirst. It’s being uncomfortable with being uncomfortable.

So, starting this week, we’re going to start enforcing a new standard that’s designed to help you help yourself. We’re asking that everyone keep your drinks (even bottles with tops) off the gym floor. In the Back Room, that would mean keeping drinks on the bar-top. In the new Front Room, that would mean at the entrance of the room.

Let’s be clear – we’re not saying not to stay hydrated, but don’t use your drink as a crutch. Try this trick… BEFORE the clock starts, drink a full cup of your water, beverage, whatever. Then put your water bottle down at one of the appropriate locations, and.. Walk. Away. Mid-WOD, when you start to think how nice a little H20 would feel on your tongue, use that desire to motivate yourself to finish faster. The water is the reward. Finish and it’s yours.

We want you to train smart, but train hard. Remember that intensity is what brings results. Try getting more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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