Member Survey Results, Pt 1

Member Survey Results, Pt 1
Written by: Coach Slater

Thanks to everyone who took the time to fill out our member survey this past week. We have around 300 members, and got back around 90 surveys. That’s pretty damn good by survey standards. We received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and some very helpful constructive feedback.

Let’s start by looking at our Current Fitness Level

63% of us are happy with our progress or feel very fit and healthy. 28% have gotten themselves on the right track and working toward getting where they want to be. To me, this chart speaks to the positive thinking of the Derby City community. We’re in charge of our fitness, and we can take the steps to make ourselves fitter and happier. Realizing you’re in control is important for understanding that you have the power to make changes. Things don’t happen to you; instead, you make things happen for yourself. That’s powerful.

But, while we’re here, I want to address Attendance:

According to this question, 96.8% of you are attending at least 3x/week. Our attendance figures show that is not even remotely true. Maybe that’s how often you *want* to attend, but these numbers definitely don’t reflect reality. We’d LOVE it if you did attend this often. We preach consistency, and if 75% of the gym consistently attended 4x/week, we’d have to invest in a ton of new weights. We’d love to be “forced” to do that!

Now, if we can get you here 4x and 5x/week, it’s important to us that you’re having fun, even if you don’t always “like” the workout.

So, even if you don’t like what we’re doing every day, something we’re doing must be working. If you’re having fun, then you’ll keep attending, and consistent attendance leads to greater fitness. But, there’s stuff you want to do more of, and other things you want to do less of, you say.

Well, the movements that some people want more of, others want less of, and vice versa. Luckily, if you don’t like something now, just wait because it’ll change in the next cycle. We don’t always do stuff we like, but if we actively avoid the stuff we don’t like, we won’t get better. And sometimes, the stuff we don’t like doing (because maybe we’re not good at it?) is actually designed to help us get better at the stuff we do like doing.

The majority of people like that the hour is packed with strength, accessories, and a WOD. Others feel rushed. To those who feel rushed during the Strength portion, we understand. As the percentages increase and the weights get heavier, it can be hard to fit in the accessory work. If this is you, skip the accessory work. If you’re crushing the Power Clean & Push Jerks and are too exhausted to knock out anything else during the rest time, no one’s stopping you from sitting on your weights and resting.

Or, if you feel like your legs are dying and you can’t bear another day of front squats in today’s WOD, ask us about an alternative. We get asked that question daily, and it’s no big deal. But, the survey pointed out that some are afraid to ask. Well, please do. It’s a part of the job. “Hey, your shoulder is nagging today? Cool, let’s do X, Y, and Z instead.” Please know that we want you to feel comfortable asking for modifications, so we can keep you in the flow of class, so you enjoy your time with your classmates.

Next up, Gym Cleanliness

To me, this chart shows that you see how focused we are keeping the gym clean. To those few who feel it’s unclean, let me tell you about our cleaning schedule in hopes of convincing you that it’s a priority for us. Coach Phil vacuums and disinfects the floors three times a week. Intec (a local janitorial service) cleans our bathrooms, lounge, cubbies, and concrete floors three times a week, too. Additionally, we take apart our barbells twice yearly to thoroughly disinfect and regrease them, so they stay in top shape. We preach to everyone about keeping chalk in the buckets to help prevent “chalk spray” around the gym. We work very hard to keep the gym as clean as possible, given that we utilize so much chalk in our type of training. We’ll continue to make cleanliness a major point of emphasis.

Coaching Feedback

As for the coaching feedback, thank you to those who took the time to write positive affirmations and constructive feedback. Sincerely. Thank you. I’ve met with all of the coaches to give them their feedback, and they’re strategizing a plan to address areas of improvement. I’ll meet with them again in two weeks to see where we are in the process. In the meantime, we’re continuing to work thru an internal coaching development program. We hope the payoff will be huge to your fitness goals as well as your enjoyment of classes.

Now for some miscellaneous items…

We’re working to address the mugginess issue in the showers. We hope to have new wall fans in place sometime in the next week or so, and we’re adding another exhaust fan in the shower areas to further alleviate the problem.

We’re as stressed as some of you are about the size of classes. We’re frustrated by the slow progress of the build-out, and we’ve voiced our displeasure with the Mellwood management (not to mention the maintenance issues in the gym, like the occasional drips from the ceiling and roll-points on the floor). We know that the added space will allow us to offer additional class times, so we can space out the growing class sizes. Thanks for your patience there.

That’s it for Part 1. We’ll dig a little deeper into the results and come back with a Part 2 (if we think you’d find it interesting). For now, let’s finish on this:

There was one item mentioned repeatedly in this question, and we want to let you know to…

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