Mirrors Can’t Make You Work Harder

Mirrors Can’t Make You Work Harder
Written by: Coach Slater

You won’t find any mirrors on the gym floor at Derby City. If you’re a veteran, you know and love this fact. But, maybe you’re new(er) and don’t yet understand. Every other gym you’ve been to your entire life has mirrors.

Cyclebar? Pure Barre? Plant Fitness? LA Fitness? Globo Gyms? They all have mirrors. Not here. Why?

We believe that your body performs better by feel, not by sight. And, your body is meant for more than whether or not your biceps look buff. They do, don’t worry about it. But looking at ’em ain’t gonna make ’em grow. The thing is, mirrors don’t lift the weight, and they don’t help you fix your form. Appearance doesn’t matter. Effort does.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good, but if you focus on fitness, and if you actually do improve it, then you will look better. Guaranteed. Are you improving? Are you getting stronger? Are you getting faster? We write down what we lift and how fast we lifted it because that gives us an objective number that doesn’t lie. As Henry Rollins famously said, “Two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds.

So, you lifted your old 1RM back squat for five reps. You finished “Helen” 20sec faster than before. You got stronger. Or faster. Or both. You improved. No mirror will tell you that.

When you get home, then you can look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Did I give my very best effort in that workout?”

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