Monday 1/13/20

Strength Cycle: Phase 2 – Week 2 of 7

5 Back Squat @ 70% of last week’s 1RM
*Monday’s squat work is 5×5, each week we will increase the percentage by 2.5%. Prior to each rep, fill your belly and chest with air and hold for the entire rep. Exhale & repeat each rep. Better bracing is a key component for developing your squat.

3 Rounds
Run 400m or Row/Ski 500/400m or Bike 1100/900m
L: 9; Spl: 12; S: 15 Pullups
L: 20; Spl: 30; S: 40 Lunges
*Today’s WOD is designed as a quick cash-out after a grueling day of squatting. Time domain is sub-9 minutes and nothing should slow you down.

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