Monday 1/20/20

Strength Cycle: Phase 2 – Week 3 of 7

5 Back Squat @ 72.5%
*Increasing our percentage by 2.5% this week. Make sure you’re adding some weight to whatever you used last Monday.

3 Rounds
L: 15; Spl: 20; S: 25 Burpees
20 Hang Power Cleans – L: 75/55; Spl: 115/75; S: 135/95
*Simple and effective is the dosage today. Time domain is 7-to-10min. If you struggle with burpees, consider the Life reps. If you’re good at them, bump up to the Splife or Sport number.

Daily Reading
1. Creating an Unreasonable Family
2. Wishes vs Goals: One Neat Trick Your Doctor Does Want You To Know

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