Monday 10/7/19

Strength Cycle: Open Cycle – Week 2

2 Squat Clean @ 80%
*For the duration of the Open Cycle, we will hit doubles on the Squat Clean to help you maintain your strength thru the season. Drop and reset each time. The focus is crisp, snappy reps.

15, 12, 9, 12, 15
L: Front Squats – 75/55; Spl/S: OHS – 105/70
L: Jumping Pullups or 1/2 Rep Pullups; Spl/S: Pullups
Cal Row/Bike/Ski
*Cap = 17min. Many will complete this sub-10min. For the FS/OHS, we’re looking for a weight you could theoretically handle unbroken, but break it up as you see fit. Pullups will probably require some breaks, but be smart about limiting your rest time.

Daily Reading
1. The Real Problem With Beef
2. Peter Rahal started RxBar out of his mom’s kitchen — then sold it for $600 million.

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