Monday 12/23/19

Special Christmas Hours:
-Mon, 12/23 – No 7p
-Tues, 12/24 – 9a, 10a, 11a Only
-Wed, 12/25 – No Classes
-Thu, 12/26 – No 5a, 6a, 6:30p, or 7p

E3M12M – Deadlift
1×6 @ 60%
1×5 @ 70%
1×4 @ 80%
1×1 @ 90%
*This is the last week of the deadlift progression, and we’re using the same percentages as the first week. We want you feeling confident in what used to be your 90% before retesting next week.

3 Rounds
L: Run 400m or Row/Ski 500/400m or Bike 1100/900m
Spl/S: Run 600m or Row/Ski 750/650m or Bike 1700/1400m
15 Burpees (Spl/S: Over Bar)
9 Snatches – L: 95/65; Spl: 135/95; S: 165/115
*The key today will be persuading yourself to push the pace on the Run/Row/Ski/Bike. Simple design on today’s workout, because tomorrow’s Partner Workout (12 Days of Christmas) has a little bit of everything in it.

Daily Reading
1. How to Not Feel Guilty for Eating Your Favorite Foods
2. Most Accomplishments Are Invisible

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