Monday 9/30/19

Strength Cycle: Open Cycle – Week 1

3 L: Power; Spl/S: Squat Snatch @ 80%
*For the duration of the Open Cycle we will be hitting triples on the snatch. The focus is crisp, snappy reps. If you don’t know your 1RM, base it off 80-90% of last week’s Complex

21, 15, 9
AKBS – L: 53/35; Spl/S: Power Snatch – 95/65
Burpees (Spl/S: Lateral Over Bar)
*The stimulus for this workout is 100% stomp the gas pedal. The barbell weight should be light enough that you can complete the Snatches in no more than 2 sets. Burpee pace needs to be blistering fast. Time domain is sub-6min

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