My Spot on the Floor

Most everyone has a spot. Are you at the front of the gym or the back? Maybe the middle? Maybe the side by the bikes? Where is “your spot” on the floor?

It feels comfortable to go to the same spot each day. Oddly familiar, as if feeling familiar with the space will equate to more power in your legs today, more strength in those arms. It’s human nature to want to have a place to belong, but we also want to be special; so, defining yourself as someone who has a certain spot on the floor is one way to do that. You might choose to identify as a person who works out in a certain spot, because it makes you distinctive. It’s like riding the bus in school, did you sit in the back of the bus? The front? Always the left-hand side? The right?

Or, maybe it’s just because it’s near the pull-up bar that has the sweat and chalk etched in just right giving it that grip that you like? Tell us in the comments about your favorite spot and why you chose it.

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