Alexa May


University of Louisville, Bachelor’s Degree in Healthy and Human Performance


CrossFit Level 1


Olympic Weightlifting


Originally from small town Lebanon, Ohio where I grew up being a highly competitive recreational and all-star cheerleader. I went on to cheer in college at the University of Louisville where I won multiple National and World titles along with pursing a degree in Health and Human Performance. I was introduced to CrossFit back in 2014 from a few of my teammates and I instantly fell in love. It took me some time to really invest my time in strictly CrossFit but I wish I would’ve started sooner. CrossFit has been a great healthy outlet for my competitiveness and child-like energy system. I found that not only do I love participating in CrossFit but I have a wild passion for helping those adopt the same healthy traits into their daily lives. I favor the weightlifting and gymnastics side of CrossFit, so if you like to throw around some mean weights while walking on your hands, I’m your gal.