Gabbi Greenwald

Gabbi Greenwald


I was born and raised in Louisville, and grew up playing all different kinds of sports ranging from soccer, swimming, basketball, and volleyball. I focused solely on volleyball during my high school years and went on to play collegiately at Samford University. During my time there, we won two conference championships and I graduated with a degree in Fitness and Health Promotion! After graduating from Samford, I then pursued my Master’s Degree in Sport Administration at the University of Louisville. I was also a part of the Adidas Internship program, where I had the opportunity to work with the Student-Athlete Leadership & Career Development program in the athletic department. I found CrossFit during my freshman year of college when I would use it for my off-season training. From then on, I was hooked. After graduating from Samford/retiring from volleyball, I started focusing solely on CrossFit and it’s been life-changing! It’s helped me not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. CrossFit has become a huge passion of mine and makes me so incredibly happy. I’m excited to share this passion with others and empower them along the way! 


Bachelor's Degree in Fitness & Health Promotion from Samford University
Master's Degree in Sport Administration from the University of Louisville


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