Jayme Strauss


University of Louisville


Growing up my family moved around quite a bit, but no matter where I went, there was always a sport I played. Up until graduating high school, I played almost every sport that was available to me but ultimately fell in love with BMX more than anything and stuck with it for a few years. I was never what you would call a gym rat growing up but I always appreciated and admired great feats of athleticism. I stumbled upon CrossFit in 2013, before joining the military, thanks to a friend that said it would help me get in shape. Having a competitive nature, I was easily hooked into the sport and fell in love with the community aspect of it. Having highly athletic and educated people around me all the time drove me to eventually signing up for my CFL1 where I found out I have a desire to help others around me progress towards a healthier lifestyle. This lead me to explore all methods of Strength and Conditioning to the point that I decided to pursue powerlifting for a year, taking a mild break from CrossFit. Now outside of the military, my primary focus is expanding my knowledge in Strength and Conditioning and of course spending as much time with my German Shepard, Aspen, as I can. My hobbies outside of CrossFit are Jiu Jitsu, Snowboarding, Mountain biking, visiting breweries and wineries, and trying to figure out how to cook a mean brisket.


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