Calvin Spear

I’m an Occupational Therapist (OT) but concentrate more as a Manual Therapist. I think I’ve treated about every musculoskeletal injury there is in the last 15 years. The handful of DCCF members that I’ve seen might attest to this.

Favorite Movies, Books, etc…
I’m not a big reader. Most of my reading is limited to reference books. I did just finish “Becoming a Supple Leopard” by Kelly Starrett. Prior to that, it was “The Heroin Diaries” by Nikki Six (wide range). The movies I like to watch are action, sci-fi or superhero movies (The Avengers, Wolverine, The Matrix, etc.). I’m looking forward to the new James Bond and Batman vs. Superman movies coming out.

When did you join DCCF?
I joined DCCF in July of 2011. I had 2 separate patients come in over the span of about 3 months. They were both in fantastic shape. I asked them what they did for workouts and they said Crossfit. That peaked my interest so I started researching CF Boxes around town.

The reason I’ve been at DCCF so long is not only for the CrossFit (A Box popped up 5 minutes from my job about 2 years ago, and one is going up right down the road from my house this summer). I know it’s cliche’ in CF, but it’s the community and family that keeps me coming back. This is the first place where I feel like I’m at a home away from home. I love all the events and social gatherings (Parties, Outings, Seminars, Weddings). I’d be too afraid that I couldn’t replicate that Magic in a Bottle anywhere else.

What kind of workouts were you doing prior to joining Derby City?
Prior to CrossFit I was doing Old School Weightlifting & Bodybuilding. I followed Bodybuilding since I was about 15 and still do today. During the 2 years prior to CF someone burned me a P90X DVD, so I did a little of that and was a member of 2 separate gyms just to try to keep my workouts interesting.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting?
The changes I’ve seen with CF are numerous. Doing traditional weightlifting, I was so concerned about putting on muscle mass and not losing any strength gains. I rarely, if ever, did aerobic activity (maybe a little on the treadmill prior to the pool season). CrossFit has increased my aerobic capacity, flexibility and strength to bodymass ratio immensely. I am about 15 lbs. lighter and am as strong or stronger than i was prior to beginning.

Tell us about one of your goals for 2015.
My 2015 CF Goals were to string 2 muscle-ups together and do 100 double-unders. I’m close on the double-unders (83). Not so much on the muscle-ups, but still trying.

Did you have any athletic role models when you were younger? If so, who and why?
My athletic role models when I was younger were all the Old School Bodybuilders (Arnold, Franco Columbo, Larry Scott). Reading lots of comics when I was a kid, it was like seeing these superheros come to life. It was the same old story of the scrawny kid in school trying to move the needle a little.

Give us some background on your history with sports?
My background in sports is almost nil. When I read the other member profiles about High School & College athletes I think, “that definitely wasn’t me”. I lifted some weights at school a little but my workouts consisted more of a lot of smoking, drinking, and… well, you can fill in the rest.

Tell us a little about your military background?
After high school, I goofed off in college for a little while and decided to join the Army. Physically, I was NOT prepared for this at all. I ended up working as a Medic & X-ray Tech in a Combat Support Battalion. I was in during Desert Storm but spent most of that time in Germany.

Tell us a little about your family?
My family consists of my wife, Robyn, who I’ve been married to for 21 years and my 2 daughters Maria (15) and Erika (13). My wife has a big extended family in Louisville. My side of the family is in Austin, TX (where I grew up).

Favorite thing you’ve done or seen in 2015?
My favorite thing I’ve done as a family this year is go to Sanibel Island for Spring Break. I would definitely recommend it for any family looking to take a beach vacation and actually relax.

Tell us something interesting or surprising about yourself.
Many people don’t know that I grew up with blind parents. My parents relied on me (& my brother) for various things that I always took for granted until friends would ask me questions like, “how did you go shopping?”, “who cooked the meals?”, “Did your parents work?”, etc. Maybe that’s how I ended up in the Medical Field? I guess I’m still trying to help people out.