Erin Waddell

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1. What brought you to Derby City CrossFit?
Blair and I talked about CF after some friends of ours joined a box in Florida. We were both relatively intrigued and Blair even did a few workouts at a local CF just to try it out. I was ready to “step up” my fitness and thought that CF might be a great place to do that. Andrew Mittel ultimately recruited us to DCCF!

2. How did you change your CF routine during your pregnancy?
Fortunately, I didn’t have to change too much of my routine until pretty close to giving birth. I was able to maintain the frequency and intensity of my routine for a long time and was even hitting PR’s well into my 2nd trimester. The game changed once I hit the middle of the 3rd trimester when movement modifications became an obvious “must” and the intensity was forced to back off. That was the point where everything got much more difficult. By that point I was definitely scaling everything way down, subbing box jumps with step-ups, rowing instead of running, doing push-ups on a box and pull-ups with a band. It was neither comfortable nor easy, but I felt the need to keep moving. My last logged CF workout was Fran-at 38 weeks pregnant. At the time of delivery I felt strong, had endurance, and I knew that I had set myself up for a quick physical recovery. I’m a true believer that CF helped me push through the many hours of an exhausting delivery. Plus, pregnancy is a crazy phenomenon and continuing to work out gave me some sense of control over the insane changes that happened to my body. P.S., I had 100% support from my doctors to continue CrossFit while expecting.

3. How do you feel now about your health/fitness post-pregnancy?
Pretty darn happy. I’m pretty confident that I am fitter now than my pre-pregnant self. Women everywhere are going to throw boxes at me, but I was back in pre-pregnancy jeans 11 days after giving birth. I’m lucky to feel that I bounced back stronger than ever, but I also worked hard for it-including the work I put in before pregnancy, during and after. It didn’t come free or without effort. During my pregnancy I had a running list of the skills I wanted to master in my non-pregnant body, and I was excited to see what I could do once fully recovered. I’ve gotten through some of that list but have a long way to go! I’m enjoying trying to tackle new skills/weights post-pregnancy. My time commitments have obviously changed after the birth of my son and time is often the hardest part of my fitness routine.

4. Did you play any sports in high school or college?
I was a swimmer in high school and gave it up by college. In college, I picked up running-which was my primary sport until CF.

5. Does CF remind you of those sports?
Not at all. The intensity of CF is unlike anything else I have done. Plus, an hour at DCCF flies by way faster than an hour hitting the pavement.

6. What are your proudest accomplishments in CF?
Hitting new PR’s every time we max out, being able to consistently perform WODs at the prescribed weight, and anytime I successfully overhead squat J.

7. Who inspires you in CF or your general fitness?
It’s actually not the big names or CF stars that inspire me. Usually, it’s the people finishing last in the WOD that inspire me, or the people who simply show up day after day to try their best. Watching someone give their all to finish a WOD or a race-whether they are winning or losing-is extremely inspirational for me. I’m a sucker for the end of a marathon or race of some sort-I’ll tear up every time strangers cross the finish line.

8. What areas are you working to improve?
Lots. Anything on the bar, really. I struggle with toes-to-bar and would love to master those as well as butterfly pull-ups and handstand push-ups. There might even come a day when I get ballsy enough to think about a muscle-up…. I’m also trying to improve my confidence (cue Colin Burns). I’m the queen of doubting my abilities despite proving myself wrong time and time again. I’m afraid to fail, and that fear too often paralyzes me from throwing another couple of plates on the bar.

9. Are you & Blair competitive against each other? And what’s the competitive environment like in the Waddell household?
Blair and I are HIGHLY competitive. I’m sure people have heard me say that my husband is the only person I care about beating in a WOD! We love working out together and when it comes to fitness, Blair and I have always battled head to head. We enjoy the competition and the sick satisfaction of beating the other person. Now that we don’t usually get to work out together, one of my favorite parts of the day is comparing WOD times when I get home from the gym. I don’t usually ask him how he did before I WOD, I just try to keep him in my head as motivation to keep pushing! If I can beat him by just one or two reps, that is sweet victory for me. By the way, I will out-plank him any day of the week…..

10. If a special WOD was coined in your name, what would you want in it?
Burpees, deadlifts, planks, and maybe even thrusters.

11. If you could have a theme song playing when you work out, what would it be?
This is terrible, but I do love me some Nicki Minaj, Superbass.