Hollis Edwards

What brought you to DCCF?
I moved to the area recently and needed a box closer to my new place! I tried out several great gyms nearby but felt most comfortable at DCCF.

How long have you been a member?
Just over a month.

Did you play any sports in High School or College? Past athletic history?
I played lots of sports in grade school but I was a choir nerd in high school. I always hated gym class. As an adult, I only worked out sporadically over the years at globo gyms just to “look good”. CrossFit was my last stitch effort 2 years ago after I had battled unhealthy eating habits for nearly half my life! Lucky for me I loved it, and it actually worked 🙂

Who inspires you at DCCF?
I’m always inspired by the women. To see people of so many different ages and body types giving it all to get better inspires me to keep pushing.

Tell us about your CrossFit goals…
I’d like to get unassisted pull-ups down. I still struggle with those. My hands never seem to get used to that bar! Overall, I just want to always be the best possible version of myself!

What are your proudest accomplishments in CrossFit?
My proudest moment was when a new member at my old box approached me and told me that I was the reason she joined CrossFit. She had seen my before and after photo and told me that I inspired her and that if I could do it, she knew she could reach her goals too. I never thought I could inspire anyone, but that was the ultimate compliment.

Since joining, what changes have you seen in your life?
I approach all physical challenges confident that I can be successful. I’m not afraid to try new things like the Rugged Maniac, or Memorial Day Murph! And day to day tasks are just easier!

What areas are you working to improve?
I have fallen off the wagon after an injury this summer and working third shift the last few months. I’m ready to ramp back up in all areas and regain lost strength!

If you could have a theme song playing when you workout, what would it be?
Ghosts-n-Stuff by Deadmau5, I love that song!

If we named a WOD for you, what would it consist of?
Power Snatches, sit-ups and kettlebell swings.

Are you paleo? Zone? Neither? Some of all? What is your experience with that?
Paleo! I worked out for 3 months and lost 5 pounds, then I got on a paleo nutrition challenge and lost 10 pounds in a month. But, I felt so healthy cutting all the artificial junk that I stuck with it and lost a total of 60 pounds in 6 months! That was over a year ago!

Do you use CrossFit principals in any other areas of your life?
I try and turn everything into functional fitness! If I can… 🙂

What do you like to do in your down time?
I’m a little bit addicted to Netflix. I also love making crafts and cooking… I know, so basic. Mostly, I just enjoy spending time with the people who mean the most to me!