Kara Fathbruckner

Day-time Occupation?
1: full-time mom (and soon to be wife! Squeal!) 24 hours a day, but I also work part time as a Physical Therapist doing home health.

Favorite sports teams?
Let’s be real, here… Are there any other teams worth being fanatical about? I bleed blue. I hate my car because it’s red but has a very shiny UK vanity plate to help make up for that. I sing the UK fight song to my kid every night before she goes to sleep and, yeah…she’s learning the words. My favorite all-time player is TD #00. I have been know on MANY occasions to schedule life around basketball games. If you call or try to talk to me when there’s a game on, be fully aware that you will get shushed and/or ignored. Aside from my extreme and sincere devotion to UK basketball, I LOVE college basketball in its entirety. I also have an affinity for college football and pro football. No favorite pro team, just a love of the game

Favorite local restaurant or bar?
I have been in Louisville for almost a year and the list of local places to try is WAY longer than those I’ve actually visited! So far, a recent fave is The Ville Taqueria, but Brick House and Four Pegs are at the top. I’m sad to say this list is as short as it is, so please help me out and make this list grow!!

When did you join DCCF? (Tell us about your process of moving to Louisville and joining a new box…)
I made the decision about a year and a half ago that I needed/wanted a new life for G and me. I had grown up in Bowling Green and returned there after graduating from UK and it was just time to move on. I had a great paying job and was making bank, was coaching and working out at a CF gym, wasn’t paying for childcare as my mom watched G every day, had a great home with a big fenced in yard, and really had a great life. But, at what expense? I was so unhappy, felt trapped, hated my job, hated that I felt like I never got to see G because of working and coaching… I had money, but was NOT rich. I decided I would move to Louisville, work as a PT part time, and also work as a coach at a crossfit gym. I sent out an email to quite a few of the Louisville CrossFit gyms – one replied to me almost instantly, but, let’s just say, that wasn’t going to be a good fit. A few weeks later, I got a phone call from Mr. Mittel and planned to meet up with him. I came up one Saturday and as soon as I walked in the front door, this tall blonde chick walked up to me and said “Hey! Can I help ya?” I replied “I’m looking for Andrew.” Her response – “*pause* Who the f**k is that?” And that is how I met Amy Prentice! I spent a lot of time over the next few months talking to Shark and making plans. Then, in 2 weeks, I left my old job, got a new job in Louisville, found an apartment, moved, started the new job, and began coaching at DCCF. This past year has been a ride of ultimate proportions. Closing the book on an easy life and opening a new one with many more challenges. But the richness and fulfillment I’ve gained and the precious time I’ve been able to spend with G that I never would have gotten if I hadn’t of moved and the coaching experience and the FAMILY I’ve gained – I am HOME here and I love you all for making it that

What do you enjoy about coaching classes?
How the heck do I answer this?!?! I mean, peoples lives are changing!! They’re taking their bodies and their lives seriously and taking control of what they eat and developing friendships and mentorships. They’re not only being taught but they’re teaching each other as well. They’re stepping up and stepping out and trying new things (look at the open!!). They’re running races and hitting PRs and living lives they didn’t even know EXISTED!! They’re “getting it” and taking control of the things they felt have controlled them. It’s INCREDIBLE to think I’ve contributed even a drop of water into this pond. As much as I love teaching, I equally love learning and enriching myself and becoming a better person because of those I coach.

I am also seeing what an influence I have been as a parent and raising my child in the gym. Raising kids is scary, but there’s nothing scarier than raising a little girl in a world that will want to tell her she ‘cant’ because ‘she’s a girl’. I tell her all the time that the ground will never care who’s running on it nor will the bar care whose hands are liftting it. She (and many other kids) will grow up knowing she is strong and beautiful because of us.

Favorite lift for you personally? And, favorite lift to coach?
Hands down my favorite lift is the deadlift. By far. I LOVE IT!! As far as my favorite lift to coach, I’d say the burpee But really, I love coaching the deadlift, too.

Tell us about one of your goals for 2015.
One of my big goals for this year is to pull a 400# deadlift. I think I can do it

Any tips for new members?
I tell new people all the time to not let CrossFit overwhelm them! It’s intimidating and half the movements make you feel like a fish out of water, but trust the process and trust the coaches and you will get the hang of it. CrossFit is more than just working out. It’s functional movements that anyone can apply to their every day lives.

Any tips for long-time members?
If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse. The educational curve is never ending and there’s always something that needs work. How’s your motor control in your squat? Your mobility in your spine/shoulders/hips? How’s your form? I’d even go as far to say do you need to take a break from wodding and do a strength program for a while? Do you need to check your food and water intake? Sleep habits? What age-related changed should you make yourself more aware of? The list is endless.

What are your hobbies, interests or talents outside of CrossFit? And, tell us something interesting or surprising about yourself:
I’m going to combine these two. I don’t think many would be surprised to learn that I’m a huge reader. I love to read. Once I get started, I can’t get my head out of a book. But many of you may be surprised to know that I’m a rather creative and crafty person. I LOVE to sew and have made many clothes for G and myself. I love to make furniture and have several pieces back in Bowling Green. I love to repurpose, reuse, recycle, and upcycle things. I hit up antique stores and flea markets any chance I get. I also do have a bit of an artistic side and have a box of full sketch pads.