Katie Reisz

Member Profile: Katie Reisz

What brought you to DCCF?
I came to DCCF in July of 2013. Prior to that, I had been living in Owensboro, Kentucky for a two year term job. Owensboro had limited gyms and fitness options. After jumping around to a few gyms, I found a new bootcamp that was starting up and stayed with them until I moved back to Louisville. I had been interested in CrossFit since trying several different workout ‘crazes,’ so my first week back in Louisville, I joined DCCF.

How long have you been a member?
Since July, 2013.

Did you play any sports in High School or College? Past athletic history?
Throughout high school I showed horses in a sport called eventing. While some don’t consider it a sport, I devoted six days a week to conditioning and training, and was competing regularly. At Miami of Ohio, I joined the crew team and rowed all four years of college, first in a four person boat, then my last two years in an 8 person boat. While it was a club team, for the first time I was on some sort of training regimen.

After college, I did a year of AmeriCorps, working in the south doing Hurricane Katrina relief. During that time I was at my heaviest due to poor diet and limited access to gyms. Once I moved back to Louisville, I immediately started running and completed my first full marathon within ten months. Since then I have completed one more full marathon and five half marathons.

In an attempt to get off weight I gained in law school, I started going to a bootcamp 3 days a week which is when I first consistently started doing some sort of weight training.

Since joining, what changes have you seen in your life?
Since joining DCCF, I have been amazed to see my strength increase. I started doing bootcamps during law school in order to force me to do some sort of strength training, but I rarely picked up a weight larger than 20 lbs. I started keeping a diary of my workouts, and it is very motivating to see such progress.

What areas are you working to improve?
My form and technique for cleans and squats. As the weight gets heavier my form becomes nonexistent. Additionally, I would like to clean up my diet and get a little leaner.

If you could have a theme song playing when you workout, what would it be?
“Beat It” – Michael Jackson

Who inspires you at DCCF?
I am usually at the 6 a.m. classes with Coach Alise. She continually pushes me to accomplish things I would never do on my own and is always so proud of and supportive when I meet a goal I didn’t think I was capable of. Additionally, all of the 6 a.m. crowd is so encouraging.

Tell us about your CrossFit goals…
Recently, I went and watched one of the local travel series competitions. It was very impressive to watch the athletes get out in front of everyone and compete. As I continue to get stronger, I would like to think one day I will be out there competing too.

What are your proudest accomplishments in CrossFit?
The day I realized I could do a pull up without bands was a big day. Most recently, I PR’d my clean and in the same day finished all 15 rounds of Death by Power Clean.

Are you paleo? Zone? Neither? Some of all? What is your experience with that?
While I have been gluten free since 2011 for health reasons, someone convinced me to try the Paleo Challenge that happened in the fall. I was not into it at all during the challenge, but I have been surprised how much I adjusted my diet after it was over. For the most part I have cut out dairy and grains, including rice and quinoa. My down falls are sushi and Mexican food. I am still convinced that cavemen would have loved red wine, bourbon, and vodka, though.

Do you use CrossFit principals in any other areas of your life?
Since starting CrossFit, I have realized how competitive I can get with myself, whether it is with my workouts or at work. It is so encouraging to see new PRs at CrossFit and it makes me want to keep working hard to meet new goals. I think that has translated somewhat into my work life also: keep striving to learn techniques and strategies from others; write better arguments; be open minded to different ways of accomplishing things; essentially realize that there will always be room for improvement and I should continue trying to better myself. (That is pretty cheesy but basically true.)

If we named a WOD for you, what would it consist of?
It would probably be a longer WOD, involving running and a few (wo)man makers.

What do you like to do in your down time?
In my down time, I try to spend as much time outdoors, whether it is camping and hiking or a porch drink. And, slowly I have been getting back into horse back riding.