Kris Morlen

Army Officer/Hazardous Materials Technician

Favorite sports teams:
I like to see all the “local” teams do well. But since one of my Army assignments was teaching at the University of Kentucky, I’m partial to the Wildcats.

Favorite local restaurant or bar:
One may call me a human carp, because I can eat just about anything. But when I’m in the area, Eiderdown in Germantown is hard to beat.

When did you join DCCF?
I’ve been coming to DCCF since November, 2014.

Why did you join? Were there some specific health/fitness issues you were trying to address? And have they improved?
I researched all of the boxes between Richmond (where I live) and Louisville (where I work), in order to find a fundamentals class that best fit into my work schedule. DC’s 6:00 a.m. fundamentals class seemed like the best fit. So I gave it a shot. The results have far surpassed my expectations. I’m a former runner who sustained a “career-ending” knee injury, and was having a hard time keeping as fit as I was accustomed to being. I needed a challenge and a change. Crossfit was the logical choice, because of its inherent scalability and “adaptability”. My results have far exceeded my expectations. I no longer suffer from achy joints, but let’s not talk about muscle soreness…

You drive a long distance to Derby City each day, so what keeps you coming back?
Wow, where to start?… The early morning coaches (Robbie and Kara) are amazing. If they can coach me, they can coach anyone. And with them both being Physical Therapists as well, their understanding of kinesiology AND CrossFit has helped me improve not only my WOD performance, but I credit them for helping alleviate my knee, back, and shoulder pain. The 5 a.m. class is small, but tight. The regulars are beasts, who motivate and inspire me. The extras that DCCF does to improve members’ lives is amazing. The Eat to Perform Program and In-Body machine is something I’ve never even heard of in other boxes I’ve belonged to. All of these “intangibles” have not only contributed to the progress I’ve made in the box, but have carried over into all facets of my life.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health, and fitness since starting? i.e. have you made #gainz?
All the metrics are moving in the right direction. According to the In-Body scale, over the last 5 weeks I’ve gained 2 lbs of lean muscle mass, while losing 6 lbs of bodyfat.

What class do you usually attend?
I’m a regular at the 5:00 a.m. WOD.

Favorite lift?
I love the Olympic lifts. They’re challenging for me. I’m such a “noob” at them that virtually every new day means a new PR. I love seeing the progress.

Tell us about one of your goals for 2015.
My goal is to keep the same body weight, while cutting my bodyfat in half. It will be a challenge, but I believe the programming, coaching (yeah you Kara and Robbie!) and nutritional support will get me there.

Any tips for new members?
Show up, do the work, eat to perform. Gains (and desirable losses) are inevitable.

What are your hobbies & interests outside of Crossfit?
I’m a lifelong outdoorsman. I love to hike and kayak primarily. I try to learn something useful every day, so I love listening to podcasts and always have a stack of books to read.

Tell us something interesting or surprising about yourself.
Most people are surprised that I get up at 3:00 a.m. to come to the 5’oclock WOD. But the long drive to DCCF is a great time to listen to a podcast or book on tape. And by getting my WOD on so early in the morning, I can squeeze just a little bit more out of every day.