Lauren Pfeifer

1. Occupation?
I am a 5th grade teacher in Oldham County.

2. Favorite sports teams?
I was born and raised to be a Cats fan! I am loving this undefeated basketball season!

3. Favorite local restaurant or bar?
I love trying new local places but I would say that Doc Crows is my favorite!

4. When did you join DCCF?
I joined Derby City in July of 2014. I am still a fairly new member!

5. What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting? i.e., Have you made #gainz?
The biggest change that I have noticed is my increased energy! Although I have not lost any weight, my entire body has become noticeably more toned.

6. What class do you usually attend?
I usually attend the 5:30 or 6:30 classes during the week and one of the Saturday morning sessions.

7. Favorite lift?
I would say that my favorite lift is the deadlift. I feel it is the most natural lift for me and the lift that I have the best form with.

8. Tell us about one of your goals for 2015.
My goal is to be able to do handstand pushups. I am still stuck on the pike pushups! 🙁

9. Any tips for new members?
When I was new, I was very intimidated about moving from the beginner classes to the normal classes. So intimidated that it took me almost a month to try it! My tip is to be confident in yourself and try it out when the coaches feel that you are ready. The coaches and other members in the classes are very supportive and friendly. They will help guide you as much or as little as needed!

10. What are your hobbies, interests or talents outside of CrossFit?
When I am not working, I enjoy spending my free time with family and friends. I love being active outdoors and can’t wait for summer to get back out for boating on the river!

11. Tell us something interesting or surprising about yourself:
I am a huge perfectionist and overachiever. In the past few years, I have received my Bachelors, Masters and am now working on my Rank 1 in education!