Phil Newton

CrossFit Level 1

Olympic Weightlifting

Phil grew up in Frankfort, KY and was active in youth league baseball, football, and soccer; continuing to play soccer all the way up until high school, when his interests began to diverge to skateboarding. He remained active skating until his mid twenties when real life, (and the mounting medical bills that come from being an adult skateboarder,) pulled him away from the park. Phil was even in his most active years not health conscious, and will tell you that he made VERY poor decisions with his health regarding drinking and smoking. At his peak he was smoking two packs a day in his late 20’s. But that changed when he found CrossFit and the community at Derby City. The night after his first elements class he threw away his Pall Malls and to this day hasn’t smoked another one

Over the course of the last few years Phil has developed a passion for CrossFit, both as a sport and also as a training methodology. He decided to pursue coaching as a way to not only help himself become the best possible athlete he can be, but also help others find the same successes with CrossFit he has.