Rick Cook

Expert window installer. Occasionally a lonely housewife will take interest in my body & ask if I dance in the evenings, of course I refer her to the Thoroughbred Lounge.

Favorite books
Anything on audio…

Favorite movies
Top 3: American Sniper, Lone Survivor, One Hard Day. Seems to be a theme here

When did you join DCCF?
4 years ago I rolled in fluffy and looking for a change. The first 6 months I followed a strict paleo plan, got some abs & got cocky. Taco Bell became my new favorite meal plan.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body/health/fitness?
Considering this was my first exercise ever, it didn’t take long to get into the best shape of my life. Good genes I guess? I started off attending 3-4 days/week and gradually worked up to 5-6 days/week.

Working out became a sort of therapy and release, hearing my physique referred to as ‘Greek god statue’ didn’t hurt either. I came into the ring at 220, and now maintain at 185, credit to DCCF.

In summary, I’m much more confident and happy, with a better overall outlook on life and with an improved quality of life.

Goal for 2015
Enjoy the renovated house with my bae, Ezra, friends and family… and take advantage of its close proximity to DCCF #cookit.

Also an upcoming Sunday funday at the new house for the DCCF family… date to follow

[Editor’s note: Bae = Elizabeth. Ezra = his beautiful daughter. #CookIt = To take your shirt off in the middle of a WOD, i.e., “He cooked it. The WOD just got real.”]

Favorite activity of 2015
Roadtrip from San Bernardino, CA to Louisville, KY… took a long week to drive cross country with memorable stops in Las Vegas, Zion UT, Moab UT (with a quick marriage proposal between the 2), Ft. Collins, CO, Kansas, Illinois and finally… across the river to Louisville

Any upcoming trips you’re looking forward to taking?
To be honest… with my partner finally home with me, I am looking forward to staying at home for awhile; making frequent and memorable trips to DCCF.

Something interesting & surprising about you
I love podcasts… audiobooks… Anything that makes me appear ‘well read’, without actually reading.
I have visited 23 states in the past 30 months + Puerto Rico & Tijuana, Mexico

In these past 4 years I have come to really grow into the person I was meant to, and always wanted to be. I’ve met tons of people and created amazing bonds with so many individuals within the DCCF community. For example, the hotel in Covington where Robinson came back with a taco 12 pack… not to mention the vomit filled sheets in the morning. Snowboard trip and Trick saying ‘lets grind some gnar bro’. Alise Oliver’s huge smile and consistent hug for me. Shark & Slater’s support and constant positivity through everything that life brings. A wild Derby night with Gavin & EA. A wedding in the Muhammad Ali Center where the DCCF family was together & Jenn took my shirt off on the dance floor. DJ’s Coke Zero habits. Clinton’s balls up theme. Leslie’s tendency to sing the ‘drink drink’ song and wake up with her sweater on backwards. Luis & Betty’s liquor cabinet. Good neighbors down the street, and always having a friend to call. Overall DCCF is a place where one can walk in and expect a slap on the ass from Blair and a genuine hug from Erin. It doesn’t get better than this.