Scott Paulson

What brought you to DCCF?
A friend of mine in Lexington had some amazing results from CrossFitting at Maximus. On a training camp he and I coached in Colorado Springs at the Olympic Training Center, we worked out together. He ran me through some basic WODs. I don’t recommend trying CrossFit for the first time at altitude, that was insanely hard but I enjoyed the challenge and wanted to get into it full time. Derby City was the closest gym to my house, so I gave it a try. We all know that there a lot of choices of Gyms out there, what kept me at Derby City was the coaches and the coaching. Lauren took me under her wing for my on-ramp and kicked my ass, I loved it! Now that I’ve been here for awhile, Derby City seems to be the place to be if you are looking to be a well rounded athlete who likes to CrossFit. The other gyms don’t seem to offer the same detail to technique and preparation for our daily strength work and WODs.

How long have you been a member?
I will have been at DCCF for two years come January.

Did you play any sports in High School or College?
I was a swimmer. I swam at Iowa State University. I always thought swimming would have been the most physically challenging thing I would ever do (especially college swimming); and then there was CrossFit…

Back in the day...
Back in the day…
Since joining, what changes have you seen in your life?
I’ve been on a major health change journey over the last 4-5 years. When I started this, I was huge. I was 340 lbs, suffering from sleep apnea and dangerously high blood pressure. I wanted to workout again but I was afraid and knew I needed to do something about my weight before doing anything else. I lost over 100 lbs following the Weight Watchers plan for about a year and a half. Then I began the search for something to feel like an athlete again. I tried and failed to follow through with many things. Mountain biking was the only thing I did with any consistency, but that was getting boring riding the same trails every time out. Then came Derby City. Even after holding off the 100+ lbs I started Crossfit at over 33% body fat. Since joing Derby City I’ve gotten over the sleep apnea, I’m off the blood pressure med’s, and the last time I checked, my body fat had gotten down to 15%. I feel great!

What was your first CrossFit workout?
The first one I remember was one you all called Frellen. 400m run, 21 thrusters, KB swings and pull ups, 400m run, 15 thrusters, KB swings and pull ups, 400m run, 9 thrusters, KB swings and pull ups. We haven’t done it since and I hope we never do.

What areas are you working to improve?
Muscle Ups! I want to get muscle ups!

What do you look forward to in the future with CrossFit?
Continuing to be a better athlete. Turning 45 so I’m at the bottom of the age group in the Crossfit open. It will be fun to see how I rank being “young.”

If you could have a theme song playing when you workout, what would it be?
Lauren has ingrained gangsta-rap into my head while working out. I don’t know why but I feel like I get after it more when that crap, if you can call it music, is playing. I don’t listen to it anywhere else, but for what ever screwed up reason I prefer it during a challenging WOD.

Who inspires you at DCCF?
The coaches. I like it that they don’t ever let you slack. I feed off of their knowledge and encouragement. But equally so, the other athletes in the gym. Getting to know everyone has been great. There are so many people with so many backgrounds. When we walk through the doors of DCCF we all join together to take on the challenges that await with so much positive encouragement. I feel like I’m part of a team.

What are your proudest accomplishments in CrossFit?
I would think the competitions, but, how I perform at competitions is really just the results of the daily accomplishments I’m proud of in our workouts. Everyday I stagger out of that gym with my head held high knowing I’ve done something to make me faster, fitter or stronger.

What advice would you give to someone who is hesitant about starting CrossFit or Paleo or both?
I’m still hesitant about starting Paleo, mostly because I can’t find any Paleo ice cream. Seriously though, I could use some help getting started there. But, starting CrossFit… just join in on the fun. The people are great. It doesn’t matter what level you are or how in shape you are, you will be encouraged to do your best. When you do start, come everyday no matter how sore you are in the beginnings, it will get better. The more you come, the more people you meet. These are the kind of people you need in your life to accomplish your fitness goals. Surround yourself with all of these positive people and the next thing you know, you are a year into it feeling great and helping a new member get started.

Do you have any superstitions or habits when you workout?
You could ask the noon class. I don’t think I really do anything to get ready, but, I’ve noticed that I have migrated to the front of the room, paint store side to workout everyday. I don’t freak out or anything but I do feel a little out of sorts getting started if someone “takes my spot.”

The fam!
The fam!
Does your daughter know about CrossFit? What does she think of it?
Lucy tags along with me on her days off of school sometimes. She likes to try some of the movements after class. My wife, her swim coach and I agree that she hasn’t made friends with the three wise men of training yet; Hurt, Pain and Agony. I think when she gets friendly with those guys she may try Crossfit. She is only 8 so she has time.

Why do I enjoy competing?
Competition is a place to challenge your limits. I train hard everyday, it’s nice to see the training pay off. The cool and kind of crazy thing about Crossfit competitions are that you train everyday for something you have no idea about what it is going to be. In swimming I trained for specific events. In Crossfit I train for, um, well, I have no idea, let’s see what they post a week out of competition. I love it.

Do you use CrossFit principals for your swimmers? Do you think swimmers or other young athletes could benefit from CrossFit?
Oh yeah, I try to incorporate CrossFit principals all the time in the pool for my swimmers. Those are some of their best workouts. It makes it “fun” for them, keeps them focused. It makes it a lot more fun for me to write and coach the practices. Traditional high repetition sets have their place but I have to pull teeth to keep them focused enough to get the work done properly. The way Derby City approaches CrossFit, with the strength and conditioning work we do to prepare for the WODs, swimmers and young athletes would benefit greatly. Just doing a WOD before or after their pool training has been shown not to work out so well. What swimmers do on the dry side of the sport has to gel with what we do in the water.

What do you like to do in your down time?
Down time? What does that mean? CrossFit is my personal down time. On the weekends that I’m not off coaching a swim meet I spend as much time as I can with my family. My favorite thing to do is cook for our Sunday night family dinner. I have four (I hate using the term step-children because they mean so much more to me than the term feels it suggests) other children that most of you haven’t had a chance to meet. With their significant others usually coming to dinner too, I get to make some pretty big meals. Unless I’m making chocolate cake, cooking relaxes me. I will throw-down with anyone on some BBQ.