Steve Bidwell

Senior at University of Louisville, Exercise Science Major, Military Science Minor

CrossFit Level 1

Gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting, Running

I have personally been at Derby City since my later days of High School here in Louisville at the Christian Academy of Louisville. Back then, I was the Intern for the gym and spent more time at the gym then anywhere else. I had been doing CrossFit alone before this, but until I joined the gym I had no idea just how important the community aspect was to CrossFit. Derby City has become my home and my family in these past 3-4 plus years, and I would not have it any other way. Maybe one day (when I turn 30) I will even graduate from my nickname of ‘Baby Steve’ , but until then I will continue to embrace it.

Prior to CrossFit, I had played every sport possible, but mostly focusing on football and wrestling in high school. After football, I kept competing in wrestling and other grappling tournaments while using CrossFit to supplement my training, but soon I realized CrossFit was my focus. Since then I have participated in multiple competitions and hopefully Regionals at some point.