Programming Update

With the CrossFit Games ending this past weekend, we officially enter our 2018 CrossFit Games season. Whether or not you participate in the Open, or have any clue what that is, just know we’re part of a small group of other boxes across the country that confer regarding their programming. We work with a group of coaches out of Maine, known as Misfit Athletics, for helping guide our strength & conditioning. Together, we lay out a strength and conditioning program for an entire year, with various goals in different phases (or cycles) throughout the 12 months.

Cycle 1, which starts yearly after the CrossFit Games, lays the foundation of strength, gymnastics, and conditioning that you’ll need to get better throughout the year, leading up to the 2018 CrossFit Open in February/March. Our strength work will focus on the “slow” lifts: Back Squat, Deadlift and Press as well as Olympic Lifting 1x per week. The strength that is being developed this cycle will carry you effectively into the next 3 cycles of the year. The conditioning pieces will be a mix of intervals and classic CrossFit Metcons.

Before Cycle 1 begins, we’ll go thru a two-week long “fun” or “assessment” period that will have a little less volume, and help you know where your fitness stands. Volume will be lower, but intensity should be pretty damn high (think: shorter WODs). You will see a mix of standard strength tests and some classic CrossFit Benchmarks. Two weeks of testing will be tough on you to do your best, so continue focusing on proper nutrition and recovery during these next two weeks so you don’t get run down.

Here’s to a fitter and more bad ass year in 2018!