Relax, It’s Time for the Open

Relax, It’s Time for the Open
Written by: DCCF Member EA Duncan

Ahhhh, The Open. Everyone’s favorite time of year to freak the [email protected] out; lash out; panic; become irrational; nearly kill themselves trying to acquire a skill in 5 days time; grovel and barter with Dave Castro from afar. I totally get it. The whole deal gets in your head. Let’s all take a deep breath.

At the end of the day The Open is just a few workouts. Once a week for five weeks you’ll complete a work out in our home gym. You already do that! You do that all the time! You do hard things more than once a week within our friendly walls! It’s really nothing more than that, and if anyone tells you differently, ignore them. And if you’re reading this you are unlikely to be a paid CrossFit athlete. (If you are, what’s up and disregard the next sentence!) These work outs do not determine…. literally anything in your life besides pride in your efforts. Relax. Turn off your negative self talk. Get ready to to the dark place. Try not to cry.* (Note I did not say ‘do not cry’ because, been there. (#14point5 #15point5))

These workouts will be mentally tough. The good news is if you choose to do them at Friday Night Lights there will be even more support than usual. The cheerleaders will be out in full force. (Hi, I just come to FNL for the beer and the company and to count reps when needed.) The gym will feel more like a Team than ever before.

Another added bonus is the chance to really nerd out and embrace the bigger CrossFit community. Hopefully you’ll have the experience I’ve had where you realize which of your friends across the country have found this CrossFit thing. They’ll reach out to strategize and encourage you. You’ll get to marvel at the top athletes being genetic freaks who can destroy your scores. You can get in on my patented group text where every week I go through the leader boards in search of people we’ve seen in area competitions or promising new stars on the rise, while following our own current/former Coaches, near and far. The sport is fun to follow! And it ultimately has no bearing on your weekly workout.

Now, let’s all hold hands for a round of kumbaya while I give you one more nugget of tough love: if you have the urge to comment about anyone else’s score and/or whether they scaled or not in a way that could even possibly be perceived as negative… how bout don’t.

I will leave you now with my favorite CrossFit quote from my guru:

“The goal is simply to get fit. Make it the best part of your day. Stay safe, turn up the music, high five some people, and blow off some steam. So remember that. Relax. Have fun. Workout.” – Pat Sherwood

Let’s not lose sight of this goal. Enjoy the ride.

Elizabeth Ann Duncan is an attorney by trade and an amateur CrossFit nerd by choice. She loves that her hour at Derby City is often the best part of her day. She’s happy to count your reps while she drinks beers at FNL.

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