Self-Confidence & Controlled Aggression

Self-Confidence & Controlled Aggression
Written by: Coach Slater

When it comes to getting stronger, what’s the role of self-confidence and controlled aggression? Self-confidence is a muscle that we all have that can be strengthened through training, much like physical muscles. Positive thoughts, self-talk, body language, and intensity-control all can bolster your self-confidence.

But, when we say “controlled aggression”, we don’t mean you have to lift angry; and, you don’t need to be an angry person to lift aggressively. But you do need to learn to focus your energy and commitment.

For the laid-back types, you might need to hype yourself up to get enough energy and oomph to lift well. For the anxious ones out there, you can calm yourself into better execution by focusing supremely on the job at hand.

A simple physiological way to psyche yourself up or calm yourself down is by using the breath. Taking a few short breaths (hyperventilating) will psych you UP. Take slow deep breathes will calm you DOWN. Next time you’re lifting heavy, try a rep preceded by long, slow breaths. Next, try a rep preceded by quick, short breaths. Note the difference.

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