Sqwwaat Therapy

Do you sometimes squat down and your torso comes forward out of the bottom? If you haven’t stabilized your hips/glutes on the descent, then there’s a greater chance of you pitching forward out of the hole. As you begin to squat back up, you’re now placing a heavy load on your lower back, instead driving up with your glutes.

We want to see your knees tracking out over your toes on the DESCENT of your squat, not just the ascent. We want this for you because we want you to squat a metric-sh*t-ton of weight and a) females: make all of your non-DCCF friends jealous of how your ass looks in jeans or b) males: intimidate all of your non-DCCF friends by the testosterone you’re exuding thru your Facebook posts. Is that asking too much?

How to fix this? Well, we first want you to think about having a very good “feel of the floor” as you’re squatting. You can get those knees tracking correctly by first thinking about your feet; externally rotating your toes (spinning your feet outwards into the ground) while making sure to keep your big toe down on the floor. We want you to think about standing on an imaginary piece of paper, and your job is to use your feet to rip it right down the middle. Once your toes externally rotate, your knees can more easily track out over your toes with the weight distributed across your hips, glutes and hamstrings… i.e., hips loaded.

You simply can’t squat as much when you descend straight down without first loading the hips (sending the knees out). So, get your glutes involved by loading them at the start, by driving those knees out on the way down… not just the way up.

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