Steps for Nutrition & Fitness Success

Steps for Nutrition & Fitness Success
Written by: Coach Slater

No one’s saying that you have to workout *perfectly* and eat *perfectly* to get leaner and fitter. If you’re shooting for perfection, you’re setting yourself up for failure. You don’t have to sell your soul to look good naked. It’s easier than that.

Making “incrementally better” decisions should be your goal, like constantly striving to move up one extra step on the staircase of health. Precision Nutrition recently published a great post basically describing such a staircase, so I’m going to summarize some of their content here, then you can apply it to what you do in the gym and in the kitchen.

The point is that fitness & nutrition isn’t “all” or “nothing”. Wherever you’re at in your journey, you should be looking to go up one step. If you take a step back, then just work to get back on the previous, higher step. This is a process, and you have the choice to make good decisions. There will be times when you want to dial up your efforts, and times when you want to dial them down, but never turn off your efforts completely. Doing something is always better than doing nothing.

Nutrition Steps
Step 1) Replace 1 meal a day with a less-processed one
Step 2) Add a side salad to your lunch
Step 3) Try 1 new healthy recipe each week
Step 4) Sit down at a table for most of your meals
Step 5) Have a lean, animal protein with each meal
Step 6) Have protein and a portion of fruit or veggies at most meals
Step 7) Prep food for a week in advance, including veggies at most meals
Step 8) Prep food for a week in advance, including protein & veggies each each meal, with a balance of fats
Step 9) Eat mostly local/organic, plan all meals in advance, and eat perfectly balanced meals
Step 10) Time your nutrients by eating the majority of your carbs within 2-3hrs pre- and post-workout, eat healthy fats at all other times of the day, and eat protein at every meal

Fitness Steps
Step 1) Park farther from your office to walk more
Step 2) Take the stairs instead of the elevator
Step 3) 10min workout next to your bed in the morning
Step 4) Reasonably challenging 30min workouts, 3x/week
Step 5) 30min workouts, 3x/week, plus 20min daily walks
Step 6) 60min workouts, 3x/week, plus daily walks
Step 7) 60min workouts, 4x/week, plus hike on weekends
Step 8) 60min workouts, 5x/week, plus daily 60min walk
Step 9) Challenging workout 6x/week
Step 10) Intense daily training

I think that many of you at Derby City are already at Step 6 or higher of the Fitness Steps; but, I’d wager that many less individuals are at Step 6 of the Nutrition Steps. You have to do both. Have to. You can’t workout at Step 9 but eat at Step 1.

And maybe the next-higher-step is difficult, but you have to do something, anything. Is there a perfect nutrition or fitness plan out there that will guarantee the most ideal results? Sure, but the perfect plan that you don’t follow is worse than the decent plan that you do follow.

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