Written by: DCCF-Member Sam Garas

We all have stories. Everyone that joins Derby City has a story that made them make the decision to walk through those doors. Coach Slater, Evan and all the coaches know the basic ones. The “I want to lose weight” story or the “I just want to feel better” story are common and true, but they don’t paint the full picture. Our stories are much deeper than that and rooted in past experiences that drove us to Derby City. Some of us are willing to share those stories and serve as an inspiration to all of us. Others walk through those doors on a regular basis and quietly go about the workouts with nobody knowing what their story is.

We’ve all seen the posts on Instagram of dramatic weight loss, Veterans with one arm cleaning a huge amount of weight, teenagers born with birth defects doing everything CrossFit throws at them and countless others. Those athletes don’t live their life by what they can’t do but are determined to do what they love and are capable of. Their story is one of determination and staying focused on the future regardless of what the past has given them.

CrossFit at its core is basically a workout program coupled with a nutrition strategy that will hopefully lead to a long and fulfilling life. Several other brands, gyms, and products sell the same thing and essentially will deliver if followed, but somehow CrossFit is different and not like any other workout regimen out there.

The general fitness business does everything that CrossFit does and will be successful over time with a dedicated program. CrossFit didn’t invent squats and deadlifts or the barbell and dumbbell. CrossFit also didn’t invent community based fitness since running clubs, lifting teams, and organized sports have been around forever. What CrossFit did invent is the realization that the benefits of functional movements with proper nutrition that reduces processed carbohydrates will lead to a long and healthy life. Do that in a community based approach and the results will be amazing and life altering.

Life is a constant battle of fighting against obstacles that are thrown at us and figuring out a way to deal with them and continue on the path we have set for ourselves. Some of those obstacles are “first world problems” while others are more serious like finding out you have cancer or the passing of a loved one. How we deal with those is a reflection of who we are.

CrossFit throws us obstacles every day and gives us that confidence to tackle anything that is thrown at us in life. It also makes us recognize that sometimes things don’t go as planned and we have to adapt and power through. Coach Glassman (CrossFit’s founder) has famously said that CrossFit will make you better at your job, relationships and ultimately life itself.

Whatever your story is, you have made the decision to start climbing that mountain to better health and hopefully an ever improving life. I’ve always said I don’t want to reach the top of that mountain but to continue climbing it. There will be falls along the way, rest needed, doubts raised but that climb will always be there waiting to go higher and higher. All of us are trying to find out how high we can go and it all starts with the story that brought us to the mountain we call Derby City CrossFit.

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