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  • Find Your People

    Coming to Louisville, I didn’t know anybody. And now the gym accounts for a significant chunk of the people I associate with on a consistent basis. It’s been a great community of friendship that I never would have expected when I first walked ...

  • Fitness Is a Journey

    Here you’ll find the best people, the best coaches, the best workouts… and you’ll have more fun than you thought possible. Fitness is a journey; pick good people to share your trip. You’ll find them here....

  • Better Every Day

    Everything’s done for you. It’s an hour you can step away from the kids, work, etc… and zone out and just concentrate on getting better....


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  • Option 1: Foundations of Fitness
  • Week 2: Get Into the Groove
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    Option 1: Foundations of Fitness

    Option 1: Foundations of Fitness

    Elements is an introductory course that will introduce you to the basic movements you will encounter in our group training classes. We will explain the why behind our program, and how the gym works! This program consists of 5 sessions where you will meet with a coach and progress toward joining our group training programs or choose to do extended personal training!

    Anyone who is new to CrossFit has to take Elements. If you have some experience but have been away from CrossFit for while, Elements is a great way to ease into our gym! We have always been the gym that has taken pride in our athletes “moving well”. Our Elements program is here to break the stigma that CrossFit is unsafe and could get you injured!

  • Week 2: Get Into the Groove Image

    Week 2: Get Into the Groove

    Week 2: Get Into the Groove

    Chat with our staff about your goals and start attending classes that work for your schedule. Don’t be afraid to show up early, ask questions, cheer on your peers, and socialize after the workout! Our community means the world to us and we want you to be a part of it.

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