Thank You

Thank You
Written by: DCCF-er EA Duncan

I recently read an article with professional advice suggesting you write four thank you notes to close out the year. The article suggested you reach out to your referral sources, your ‘cheerleaders’ and people from whom you’ve sought advice this year. I loved this suggestion, because multiple times recently I have gotten a simple verbal “Thank you” from a colleague or client and it has absolutely changed my day (or week or more at times). In turn, I’ve commented a lot this year on the simple perfection that is a well timed Thank You. Last Sunday during DCCF yoga when we were told to bring our focus to gratitude it hit me…I don’t think this is what that article quite had in mind but:

Dear Derby City,

Thank you. After 5+ years I may not hit the social page to gush as often as I used to, but I should. You continue to be a bright spot in my day and an important aspect of my life. Sure, I could thank for all the grueling workouts and their physical results, but I want to go beyond that.

While I don’t think the professional article thought of a blanket thank you to an inanimate fitness space, I do credit professional success and focus to you. The routine and accountability I’ve found has made me a better adult and lawyer. The more consistent my routine at Derby City is, the more I feel grounded at work. Slamming weights helps with stress and yoga helps get me centered. And while I’m not a big fan of the concept of networking (because it seems sort of fake and implies a required quid pro quo), I have found myself seeking out and being sought out by members for all sorts of things. No one ever seems to mind bouncing ideas and venting about work to each other. Thank you for that outlet.

But most importantly, to me anyway, thank you for your endless source of friendships. This year alone I have gotten to be part of cross country travel and countless celebrations from weddings to birthdays, to the numerous baby showers to account for the recent boom in membership to the stroller gang. I would not know this wonderful group of people without this place. Beyond these deep friendships I’ve been lucky enough to find, there is a wonderful camaraderie in seeing all levels of gym friends out and about (shout out to my fellow coffee shop dwellers I see after Saturday WODs), down to spotting DCCF gear on a stranger and asking people when they joined and when they go or feeling a bond with someone with the bumper sticker. To anyone who has not embraced what this place has to offer outside of your 60 minute class time I encourage you to put yourself out there and try any of the many social events offered. Feeling a sense of belonging is a wonderful fringe benefit to your membership.

So, thank you, Derby City. You are a source for new friendships, my cheerleaders in every sense of the word, and a treasure trove of advice and support. Personally, I’m hoping for a New Year Same You.


Elizabeth Ann Duncan is an attorney by trade and an amateur CrossFit nerd by choice. She wouldn’t have made it to the top of Angels Landing in Zion National Park this year without the “loving encouragement” of her DCCF friends. She thinks 2018 is going to be a good year, in and out of the gym.

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