The Benefits of Bro-Pumping

The Benefits of Bro-Pumping
Written by: Coach Slater

“Oh bro, you’re crushing that! Add some weight to the bar!”

“Girl, seriously, that looked easy!”

Bro-pumping is the act of “pumping up” someone in the gym to give them the mental edge they need to do something they’ve never done before, didn’t think they could do, were scared to try, or simply never considered. Bro-pumping takes the supportive environment you see in Regional CrossFit competitions and brings it home, on a smaller scale, for your class time with your classmates. Bro-pumping is gender neutral, and can be utilized on anyone and everyone at the gym. You see somebody kicking butt but maybe needs a suggestive nudge to try that new PR? Give them a bro-pump!

Bro-pumping is intentionally and distinctively different from Bro-shaming as it doesn’t cut anyone down, police someone over their effort or appearance, or ridicule people who workout at a different pace/intensity than you. It’s welcoming and supportive of all, because it respects weightlifting and all those who better themselves by it.

Often times, it’s on the gym veterans to initiate a bro-pump. When someone looks lost, it’s on us to help them out, instead of acting annoyed or ignoring them. We can let them know that we were in the same position when we started. Remember the people who helped us and pay it forward. Be a teacher and help someone understand that it’s ok to try our hardest and not quite succeed, but that’s infinitely better than not trying. It’s ok to feel embarrassed about finishing last in class because we tried a weight we wouldn’t usually try, or timid that we’re trying a personal record that we just saw “Becky” hit during her warmup sets.

But, bro-pumping doesn’t just apply to newcomers. Sometimes, a fellow veteran needs a boost, too. Maybe they had a rough day in the office or simply need an adrenaline boost. Pump up that person and watch your energy level rise with theirs. Bro-pumping helps everyone raise their level of performance just like a rising tide lifts all boats.

If you go to this gym, you clearly want to get better. No one is here to waste their time or money. So, the Derby City culture is, and will always be, welcoming. We’ve even mentioned it in Coaches Meetings when we say that we should never shame someone for being late. Instead, we should show how glad we are that they arrived and help them quickly mix into the ongoing class. We appreciate the transformative power this training has on us and others, so we want to share that feeling. We want to teach beginners (and remind veterans alike) that we should do everything in our power to give those around us the opportunity to succeed.

So, bro-pump somebody tomorrow. Help them succeed.

“Bro, you crushed it.”

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  1. christe

    Great article. My first day in U of L Exercise Physiology graduate program I was taught this. Since we used each other as guinea pigs, some of us were not as savvy as others (that was me!) we learned that encouragement really helped pump you up and reach those goals. No shaming allowed!

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