The Bigger Programming Picture

The Bigger Programming Picture
Written by: Coach Slater

Two things we want to tell you about relating to our class programming and “next steps” available to you, so you can take your fitness to the next level. TLDR: Do class programming. It works. Supplement with our accessory work during Open Gym. Excel.

First, we’re part of a small group of other boxes across the country that confer regarding their programming. We work with a group of coaches out of Maine, known as Misfit Athletics, for helping guide our strength & conditioning. In our 7 years of training clients, we’ve experimented with just as many different programming methodologies, but we found ourselves leaning toward the same driving principles that we saw present in the programming of Misfit. We believe in programming with an entire year in mind, with different goals for different 6-8 week training cycles within that year. These cycles ebb and flow, building off each other, allowing us to progressively improve. This cyclic format continually provides new stimulus to your body, so it can adapt and grow, but does so methodically so you don’t injure yourself. And that last part might be the most important part… by and large, people don’t get injured at Derby City. Yea, there are outliers throughout the year, but we believe our focus on form and training cycles means you’re much less likely to be injured here than anywhere else. Staying in the gym means meeting your fitness goals. Getting injured doesn’t.

So, let’s discuss some specifics of the next strength cycle. We will see the Olympic lifts move back to the floor, instead of the hang. We’ll hit these lifts as squat snatches and squat cleans, as well as power snatches and power cleans. You can also look forward to some snatch/clean pulls as well as snatch/clean deadlifts, which are new to our programming. We’ll also see push presses and more back squat work, with the squats alternating between heavy weeks and speed weeks. As far as conditioning is concerned, there will be a fair share of both traditional metcons and interval work. And, as always, each day will have further descriptions of what to look for on the Derby City WOD page.

Additional Work
Second, we have a group of athletes at Derby City who love competition. They frequently compete in local and regional comps; they compete against their classmates to put up the best time in their class every day; they compete against themselves to see PR’s in each new strength & conditioning cycle. Many of these athletes are performing additional work during Open Gym, and now we want to let everyone else know that this additional work is available for others to do, too, in hopes of creating even more competitive animals.

If you’re looking for “more”, we want to tell you about this blog. Our daily class WOD will frequently be identical to what you see posted there, but this blog will also have additional work posted which you can perform during Open Gym time. We want to encourage you to try it. Open Gym time is Monday thru Friday between 7a-8a, 10a-12p, 1p-4:30p (1p-3p on Tu/Th), and 7:30p-8:30p; or Saturday after the 10:30a class, or Sunday between 10:30a-12:30p.

If you have a question about any of the available additional work, I’d be happy to explain more. However, if you’re still new to Derby City, or averaging 3-4 visits per week, or still don’t have your nutrition dialed in, then ignore this info about additional work. We’d like to see you consistently attending class 5x/week before adding additional volume. It’s likely that you don’t need harder workouts, you need to go harder in your workouts.

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