The Gem of Uncertainty

The Gem of Uncertainty
Written by: Coach Vic

I think that life, in this interesting way, shows its individual path for us in moments of uncertainty and growth. Often times, these moments can be uncomfortable and they can present decisions to revert back to who we use to be… play the games we use to play… and escape the choices that would pull us closer to the person we want to be in the future.

Why does this happen? Fear.

What happens once we reach the goal of becoming a whole person, and we find that our greatness is more than we could have imagined? It’s not the greatest that makes us tremble in fear, but merely the unfamiliarity of discovering new versions of ourselves. 

I believe the actions that express our fear are done subconsciously and can be seen in our explainable actions that are counter intuitive to our future destination. I don’t have the answer of how to solve this, but I do know that our first steps are creating an intimate relationship with ourselves, understanding our subconscious, and lastly, discovering and embracing the parts of us that need healing. 

It’s a long journey to becoming whole, just have to have patience.

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