The Open Is Over. Now What?

The Open Is Over. Now What?
Written by: Coach Slater

For 5 weeks in late February/early March, we were given a series of workouts to see what our bodies and our minds are truly capable of doing. This test of fitness is known as The Open.

And now that’s it’s over, what happens next?

This is a good opportunity for introspection. What did you struggle with? How was your mental game pre-workout and during the workout? Were you worried about others, or did you stay focused on your own performance? Did you accurately estimate where you’d fatigue, or were you always surprised?

The goal of this introspection is to help us ask ourselves, “What can I do to improve the next time I’m tested?”

Take some time to answer this for yourself. We want to do everything we can to keep you on track, and ensure that you are continuously improving. Let’s keep moving forward together.

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