The Purpose of Strength

The Purpose of Strength

Written by: Coach Brendan

We are currently living in a time as a human race where our strength is being tested both mentally and physically. The concept of building strength and getting stronger is simple, but the work it takes to get stronger isn’t easy. Strength can only be built in one way, through stress. That could be physically in the gym, emotionally through trauma, or mentally educational advancement. When it all boils down, stress creates strength change and adaptation.

As people we need to continue to advance through this stress in order to create the adaptations needed to get stronger. You can squat at submaximal percentages of your max until the cows come home, and have minimal movement of the strength needle. It’s not until we are testing ourselves at near maximal percentages that we see the needle really start to move. The stress of the weight is causing adaptation in the musculature of the body that can not be replaced by other forms of exercise. The squat is the perfect lift to look at because it causes a full body stress. If the legs are strong, but the rest of the system is weak, the bar will move inefficiently which will result is unstable lifting patterns and inevitably failed lifts.Yes people get away with lifting heavy with poor patterns due to system weakness, but this system will break down, much like driving a car with bald tires and a brand new engine. So we must build the system through purposeful actions outside the gym. Such as proper sleep and nutrition, to help fuel the gains for this system. Although cutting a late night out or eating a few less scoops of ice cream isn’t always sexy, these are what will lead to that sexy PR down the road. But the system isn’t only physical.

Getting under a heavy barbell can be intimidating, but with fighting this mental battle and making it to the other side, you have now conquered a fear. In order to be strong we must build courage through testing our limits and building the confidence to understand you can handle this stress. This takes steps and will not be an overnight advancement. Much like the body needs the recovery period to build strength and adaptation, so does the mind. The most work is done in the 23 hours of your day you aren’t under the bar, but you must be ready to work for the 1 hour you are. Set the mind right and know the goal is strength. If you are able to become physically strong you are able to become mentally strong. These strengths will create advancements in all aspects of life and an unbreakable confidence, because you won’t fear what is being thrown at you. 

Control and confidence creates respect from others who are not willing to become more. Take the challenge to break the path of normalcy and the payoffs will be endless. Being weak has never helped anyone become better. Ask yourself what do you want to be seen as? Take on life with a purpose. Being strong will lift those around you and create change in the world. If you are able to show just 1 person a day what strength looks like you will affect the lives of 365 people a year, if that person then goes and show 1 other person everyday for a year you have then taught strength and courage to 133,225 people in one year. This is the change the world needs, strength will guide the light through the storm.

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