This Community Stuff Is Powerful Shiz

This Community Stuff Is Powerful Shiz
Written by: Coach Slater

I talked with a prospective member the other night, as we watched an Elements class together. He came in at the prodding of his brother, who’s a member (and whom I’ll keep nameless). This guy is a chef and admits that he is obese, weighing somewhere in the high 300s, but I could see his desire to make a change. He looked and sounded frustrated with himself, so I tried to remind him that simply stepping in our doors shows that he’s ready to make the necessary adjustments in his life.

I told him how important it is to have people in your corner who keep you accountable to your goals and that having his brother here to push & prod him to back to wellness was crucial. I’m really happy for him to take that first step, and I’m extremely proud of his brother for being that positive influence in this man’s life. I can’t overstate the importance of having people supporting you when making changes to your health & fitness. And this gentlemen is going to need it maybe more than any of us because of the huge physical obstacles he’ll have to overcome. Luckily, I know that if this man joins the Derby City community, he will get more love in class than anyone else because no one will be able to ignore the effort he’s expending to better himself.

Some old-school DCCF’ers may remember Chef Nathan Roe who was with us last year before getting a job in Florida. When Chef joined, he weighed around 350lbs, but worked harder than anyone else when he was here. He would attend a morning class, head to work, then come back for an evening class. He trimmed down to the low 300s and possibly even the high 200s before moving. He was an inspiration. If you thought a burpee was hard for you, imagine performing one at his size. I was in awe of his dedication and, because of that, I really enjoyed being in class with him. Plus, he was a friendly guy who chatted up everyone and made it fun to hang around.

Yea, we’ve got a handful of people at Derby City who come in each week but generally don’t chat with anyone while they’re here and kinda leave without having said a word. And that’s fine. Maybe they just have a lot going on in their lives. Maybe they’re shy. Maybe they just don’t like me! Who knows? Whatever is it, they’re missing out because their experience only improves the more they get comfortable with the community. Going through each WOD knowing that the people working beside you are also busting their ass, no matter what fitness or skill level, can be a motivating experience. Seeing others struggle alongside you can be a catalyst, if you let it. And then you can help be a positive influence on someone else’s life in return.

So, I encourage everyone to socialize more when you’re at Derby City, whether that is coming a few minutes early to class, talking to someone new during the warmup, or trying out a Saturday class with a new partner. Get to know new people and their stories. By making new connections, you might be providing inspiration for someone who’s trying to reach their own fitness goals.

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