Thursday 1/16/20

Strength Cycle: Phase 2 – Week 2 of 7

6 Push Press; Spl: HSPU; S: SHSPU
*If using the barbell, try to go a little heavier than last week. If practicing HSPU, continue to grip the floor with your hands, squeeze your butt and stay tight so you’re not pressing into a spring.

15 S2O – L: 45/35; Spl: 95/65; S: 115/75
L: 20/15 Cal Row or 17/12 Cal Bike
Spl/S: 25/18 Cal Row or 21/15 Cal Bike
9 Box Step Overs (Spl/S: Jump Overs)
*If you’re feeling good today, then the goal is *hair on fire* rowing intervals. Come out in a sprint and try to hold on as long as possible. If you’re sore or just going thru the motions today, then find your pace and hold it throughout. Try to finish within 10sec every round.

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