Thursday 10/24/19

Strength Cycle: Open Cycle – Week 4

OTM for 10min
1 Power Snatch @ 82.5%
*Another short EMOM to get your mind and body prepared for tomorrow’s Open workout.

12 Front Squats – L: 45/35; Spl/S: OHS – 75/55
10 L: Burpee; Spl/S: to 6″” Target
12 AKBS – L: 35/24; Spl/S: 53/35
*For today’s short AMRAP, try starting out at an intentionally aggressive pace and try to hang on as long as you can. 8 minutes is barely long enough to pace, and knowing where & why you *fall off* is good for future pieces.

Daily Reading
1. The One Thing You Need to Do for a Healthy Diet
2. The heaviest clean & jerk ever caught on film

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