Thursday 11/7/19

Strength Cycle: Open Cycle – Week 6

OTM for 10min
1 Power Clean and Jerk @ 85%
*Last Thursday of priming our mind’s and body’s for tomorrow’s Open workout. We want to hit these singles with power and confidence.

12/8 Cal Bike/Ski/Row
30 Air Squats
12 L: Abmat Situps; Spl: Hanging Leg Raise; S: T2B
*Nothing should slow you down in this quick AMRAP. We want continous, fast movement for all 6 minutes.

-rest 2min, then:

6min Post-WOD Flush on Rower/Bike/Ski at *conversation pace*. Not easy; not hard.

Daily Reading
1. How Valuable Is Your Time? What Is It Worth to You?
2. How to Perform at Your Highest Level—Forever

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