Top 12 DCCF Articles of 2017

Top 12 DCCF Articles of 2017
A collection of our “most clicked” articles from the past year. This list is 12, instead of 10, because two recent articles just joined the list and we didn’t want to rob you of 10 articles which you might have missed earlier this year. And, we have a special bonus at the end!

12. Is the Comp Class Right for You?
There are a few questions you should ask yourself before you dive into the additional programming…

11. Thank You for the No-Rep
Thank you for holding me to the standard. Sure, I may see others getting by with a slightly less-strict standard, and maybe they beat my score as a result; but, I don’t care. I’m glad you held me to the rule. I want to know where I stand.

10. Nike Fanboy Bought Reebok Nano 7; World Didn’t End
One shoe is not better than any other. It’s all about your opinion.

9. Stop Changing Your Weights Mid-Workout
First round: Oh, man that was a little harder than expected. This is where the doubt and fear sets in. Second round: there’s no way I can finish this. Get to the third round of five: changing plates to a weight I know I can do. STOP.

8. Open Ourselves Up
Everyone keeps certain personal things to themselves. It’s not easy opening up about anxiety, apprehension, vulnerability, etc… but opening up at the gym allows us, your Derby City coaches, to help you be a better athlete.

7. Nutrition Isn’t Black & White
Nutrition isn’t black and white because our bodies aren’t black and white. They have lots of ways to accomplish the same purposes. What works for me, might not work for you.

6. 5 Things I Learned in 2017
Reflection is helpful for evolving, so we reflected on the year that was, in hopes of starting 2018 with a bang.

5. The Benefits of Bro-Pumping
Bro-pumping is the act of “pumping up” someone in the gym to give them the mental edge they need to do something they’ve never done before, didn’t think they could do, were scared to try, or simply never considered.

4. Supplements: What & Why
A breakdown of the supplements we have in-house and why you should consider taking them.

3. On Becoming a Morning Person
EA Duncan gives you tips for making the switch to morning workouts.

2. When Someone Quits
Obviously, we’ve had people quit over the years. It’s just gonna happen, but it still sucks, even if it’s because they’re moving or have to relocate for a new job. Our members are important to us. But there are others…

1. Don’t Take My Picture?
This article just came out a couple weeks ago and already shot to the top spot of our “Most Read” list for 2017. It’s a simple article and a quick read. Enjoy.

These are old articles (from 2016 or earlier) that are still getting a ton of clicks:

5. How to Not Rip on Pullups
Hand rips are cool and all, but if avoiding them is cooler, then consider me Miles Davis.

4. Women & CrossFit
Beautiful women are strong and powerful. They gauge their self-worth through accomplishments, not by the numbers on the bathroom scale.

3. Heart Rate Recovery: An easy way to track your fitness
You can use your heart rate monitor and your MyZone app to track how fast your heart SLOWS down after a workout, which is a proven method for objectively tracking your fitness.

2. Pregnancy & Weightlifting Belts
A bunch of information for moms-to-be about working out, including weightlifting belts, lower back issues, hormones, and intensity.

1. How to Cooldown After Your WOD
A simple article with a bunch of links discussing two important parts of cooling down: foam rolling & stretching.

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